The book contains measures furniture and circulation of different areas that have a home room; as well as the measures to be taken into account to make a draft functional…

Details: firm; walls; rooftop; etc. - Specification Document - illustrated

Anecdotes of an engineer A series of stories concerning his activity as master civil engineer structures.

Project Profile; produced in 2012; which justifies the feasibility for construction and management system; It is of importance in the high provinces of Cusco by the boom in mining and…

Biography of the architect, thought, philosophy in architecture; influences; organic architecture movement

Analysis of its location; site; space; shape; function; structure; etc virreynal church Santa Liberata located in Rimac

Contour lines every 25 meters Corire - Arequipa - peru (topography Corire)

A complete form all types of weirs; triangular, rectangular, trapeziales