Biodigestor DWG Full Project for AutoCAD


Drawing labels, details, and other text information extracted from the CAD file (Translated from Spanish):

ramp, painted with two hands, anticorrosive enamel, steel laundry, stainless one of a pool, goose neck, chrome-plated tap type, wall of input booth, laundry plant, metal squeegee, stainless steel, bottle type, trap stainless steel, welded on wall, main lift, iron plate, hinge spells, welding, peak lock, parrot, anticorrosive enamel on both sides, painted with two coats of, polymer, sulfate, aluminum, lime, hth, iron floor naval steel, inst. sanitary-water, ceiling projection, comes from elevated tank, polished cement floor, support slab g.e., ss.hh., register box, inst. sanitary-drainage, cargo chamber, connection, gray water, input booth, description, gate valve, cold water network, legend, tee, reduction, symbol, note :, contract, must be new and top quality. , all equipment and materials to be supplied as part of the drain network, threaded register, trap in ” p ”, ” and ” sanitary, register box, pipe with ventilation, sink, gray water pipe, and drainage of fluvial evacuation, access, biodigester system, die of mortar, slotted pipe, percolation ditch, mud box, parrot beak lock, floor screed, iron, white slab, sink, corrugated iron, sand bed , profile, lavatory fastening detail, plant, sidewalk, plant – percolation system, box, register, water outlet, filling with material, selected loan, slotted pipe, treated, booth, biodigester drain system – cutting aa , sludge, filter, water, filling with own material, selected, sand, treated water outlet, cover, cream layer, and grease, box, record, terrain, natural, record, register box, mud, stuffed, material, loan, tarrajeo, sludge , impermeabilized, elevation of the biodigester drainage system, biodigester elevation, log box and sludge plant, aa section of register box, aa sludge log section, isometry, detail – tub. percolation, percolation box cut aa, perforated pipe, own material, stuffed with, detail of log box plant and sludge, half pipe, section xx, biodigester cover, slab of moretero, lid of mortar earthenware, drain junction, class pvc pipe, bb cut side, plant and anchor die isometry, biodigester, sludge log, cc cut side, die, mortar, mortar

Raw text data extracted from CAD file:

Language Spanish
Drawing Type Full Project
Additional Screenshots
File Type dwg
Materials Aluminum, Steel, Other
Measurement Units Metric
Footprint Area
Building Features Pool
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