Mast Installation – Public Lighting DWG Detail for AutoCAD

Typical details of electricity for mastil installation

Drawing labels, details, and other text information extracted from the CAD file (Translated from Spanish):

material’s list, Steel, unity, Cant Req., departure, Kg., Und., Poor concrete, Anchor bolts type, description, kind, kind, reinforcing steel, dimensions, Cant, kind, Cab., Long, Location, Shoe, reinforcing steel, Esc., section, Elev., Dock board, Elev., Esc., Plant pedestal, front view, Esc., side view, Esc., Shoe, Is considered as a reference elevation to the, The holes in the base plates will be larger than the diameter, All elevation dimensions are given in millimeters less than, Hot galvanized steel anchor bolts, The amount of reinforcing steel does not consider waste., The grout will be of the similar sika grout type., Of the diameter bolts. The sheet will be thick, Another unit is indicated., Notes, Pin detail, cap screw, Welded the square plate to the pin in points, note, simple, Typical pin detail, Poor concrete, Quality of materials, reinforcing steel, Anchor bolts, Astm mm projection, griddle, support, griddle, Soaked, mast, Mast blade, Astm degree, Minimum of the galvanized, note, Esc., Detail of mast base, The support base of the post will be bolted the support plate embedded in the pedestal, Both the base and the top of the mast will have wiring holes, section, Niv, Esc., Anchor bolts, Poor concrete, Foundation for mast on mainland, Anchorages, Slab sausage, Foundation for mast on dock, The reinforcing steel on the ground is equivalent to steel supported on slab on the spring, Dome brand pelco, Specifications, Bracket to the mast, The mastic stop will have a blade with equal dimensions the base of the dome support, Easy to drill to fit bolts, Dome support, Mmm, discipline, do not. flat, Leadership discipline, end date, start date, observations:, instrumentation, electricity, civil, Coord. draft, note, Equal dimensions dome bracket, Post stopper blade must have, note, Sausage conduit pipes in the base, Orifice, In base of mast, Conduit type, Dimensions of mm, Galvanized plate welded to the post, Separated, Manhole with lid, Perforations, Control box location, Esc., Galvanized steel sheet housing, Dimensions mm, For equipment feeding, Of registration screwed rubber, Location of holes, Fix with hilti bolts, Support from, Support section, Hot galvanized carbon steel, angle of, Plate of, Dome mount in building. Marine terminal, Holes through, Bottom, plant, hole

Raw text data extracted from CAD file:

Language Spanish
Drawing Type Detail
Additional Screenshots
File Type dwg
Materials Concrete, Steel, Other
Measurement Units
Footprint Area
Building Features Car Parking Lot
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