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College DWG Plan for AutoCAD

Architecture plans College. – General Flatness – courts – equipment – landscape – topography

Drawing labels, details, and other text information extracted from the CAD file (Translated from Spanish):

variable, v i g a s c u n d a r a, n.t.n, n.p.t,, sobrecimiento, foundacion, ventana, dim. plant, nfc, rest see column cudro, foundations, in both directions, section bb, section cc, section aa, table of columns, section dd, aisle, deposit, recess, passage, address, secretary, staff room, board expansion, columns, slab, lightened slab, columneta on slab, columneta, joist, beam, column, beam, slab or sobrecimiento, confinement of partitions, foundation beam, shoe, foundations, consultant :, cc ayrihuanca, fosbam, location :, project :, province :, micaela bastides, district :, apurimac, grau, department :, plane :, date :, scale :, plane code :, revision :, drawing :, indicated, primary block, inidicadas, footings, clay brick current, register box, plant, cut ff, polished, cement, recess, nut, typical detail of installation of valves, diameter ø, registration threaded, sink, bronze floor, description, legend drain , ventilation pipe, pvc-sap drain pipe, symbol, sanitary tee, straight tee, universal union, concentric reduction, cross, tee, irrigation key, water meter, cold water pipe, water legend, hall, to the collection network, meter, wall, drain outlets, union thread, pvc adapter, with hinges, wooden frame and lid, valve, water outlets, lavatory, npt, secondary block, inst. sanitary, variable, bleacher detail, concrete cyclopean, support wall between, primary block and fence, secondary block and fence, initial block and fence, primary and secondary block, initial and primary block, ss. H H. males, ss. H H. women, laboratory, resp. structure, footings and beams, interior face, exterior face, side wall, section aa, floor slab, upper bed, lower bed, elevated tank, roof slab, water tank, on land, water outlet., chek valve, metal top, height, msnpt, inf edge, ceiling, sab, grounding system, distribution board, double switch, duct embedded in the floor for, power point driver, double bipolar outlet with grounding, duct inlay on the ceiling or wall, for lighting conductor, simple switch, legend, special, cifications, octagonal, rectangular, see espe-, boxes, sterm, thermomagnetic switch, fluorescent device for circular mounting, sabc, triple switch, josfel -empotrado on the wall, with high power factor reactors, one per device and the incandescent lamps, and for switches, receptacles, they will be galvanized rectangular type, in order to protect them from the corrosion generated by the ima., all electrical outlets in general, must be properly tarred with the, the neutral conductor will be white and the yellow ground, technical specifications, industrial salt, sifted earth, cºaº record box as required , connector anderson type ab, item., cant., lighting, receptacle, arrives from the meter, reservation, kitchen, playground, ss.hh. children, ss.hh. girls, ramp, well to ground, initial block, outlet and data, triple switch, general board, arrives from the general board, library, computer center, hall, ss.hh men, ss.hh women, sgh, sef, scd, sijk, sjk, area, classrooms, workshops, administrative, service, stairs, circulation, first and second level, see specifications, details, electrical installations, wall with plate, magnetic, ss.hh., children, address, exterior sidewalk , initial, ie primary, school, sports slab, vilcabamba, chalhuahuacho, retaining wall, n.m, drain outlet, ss-hh, i.e. secondary, existing wall, existing adobe wall, existing adobe mujro, metal perimeter fence, perimeter fence masonry, reservoir, street without name, assembly plan, water installation, water evacuation, resp. inst sanit., resp. inst elect, electrical installation, pluvial, rainwater evacuation canal, arrives at board, computer and internet center, installation of drain, sanitary facilities

Raw text data extracted from CAD file:

Language Spanish
Drawing Type Plan
Additional Screenshots

File Type dwg
Materials Concrete, Masonry, Wood, Other
Measurement Units Metric
Footprint Area
Building Features
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