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Outline Electric DWG Block for AutoCAD

Electric Scheme; Content inputs and outputs of the PLC, Symbols, and More

Drawing labels, details, and other text information extracted from the CAD file (Translated from Portuguese):

do brasil ltda, eurogalvan, equipments and accessories for electroplating, e. mail fey electric manual reserve modem balance alarm security resrva desoleador fc advance charge of the drum fc stop box network signal end of charge command exhaust motors , exchange, conveyor belt, date :, drawn by: calegari, electric diagram, customer: fey, pg reserve, fc protection, zone of load, fc grid, open, load, alloy, manual, fc, return , at the forward, fc high, fc low, fc limit, ascent, car. PRICE / INFO Add to Lightbox RF Royalty Free cs dc system cushions fc sx start cycle cycle relay tray closed tank busy cushion limit mov. dx, mov. sx, panel, clp, plugs, —, close, open, relay, cont. sx, cont. dx centering emergency general alrme advance sx advance dx rotates clp cpu power supply alloy spray pos alloy motors greenhouse marisa outlet service contact alarm auxiliary dryer customer : marisa fc load call service in load and unload in pump dosage master designed by: maicon gil client: master, outlet, key end, cycle, loading and unloading, in the elevation, translation, spray, spray pumps, control of rectifiers, dosing pumps, service relays, greenhouse, axillary inputs, enable, alloy, ultrasound, relay signal, emergency, thermal, b. filter, ultrasonic, relay signals load and discharge, sensors counting and centering in the tank, sensors of tank occupied and tray, relay of safety, signals load and discharge, signals of movement and alarm, sensor tan., emergencia, general clp, reset, load and, side of, line, sensor, photo cell, cent. no, rlé, brake, spary pumps contactors, service contactors, car trays contactors, level controls pos. Blower Contactors, Cooling Controllers, Heating Regulators, Burner, Gas, Heating, Programmed, Level Controls Spray Pumps, Open Tray Sensor, Car Moving Signal, Centering Sensor, Dx Count Sensor, Sensor sx count, tray sensor closed, cx cushions, cx fc down, limit of descent, limit of rise, tank sensor busy, limit of mov. dx, limit of mov. sx open tray cx fc high close tray tray relay signal car in motion move sound sonic visual stop sound output lift lift brake bridging natranslation open ban date motors, blower motors, motor, solenoids, cooling, relays control of heating, relays control of refrigeration, supply and, contactors of heating, power of heating , nitric acid, rinse aid, passivator, ad.zylite, repos., repos. of refueling solenoids enet enable pumps spray rectifier anl with anl with rectifier car customer: alteration, exhaust pump, exhaust fan, inverter exhaust fan, discharge, alloy pump, on, inverter

Raw text data extracted from CAD file:

Language Portuguese
Drawing Type Block
Additional Screenshots
File Type dwg
Materials Other, N/A
Measurement Units Metric
Footprint Area
Building Features
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