Infrastructure Command Departmental Of Police DWG Detail for AutoCAD

Command departmental of police – Plants- Installations – Details Technical Specifications

Drawing labels, details, and other text information extracted from the CAD file (Translated from Spanish):

inform, v. form, file, trust, location, av. moxos, esteban ruiz inchausti, tutor: arq. mario vallejos, advisor: crnl. raul rojas, private university of the valley, department of architecture, program of architecture and urban planning, exterior view, administrative block, rear facade, instruction block, general view, fire department, dining room, israel p. noya sanabria, sucre – bolivia, id. pers., photocopy, interrogation, control, bs – m, bs – h, d.l., information – control, delivery, legalize, v. values, address Dept. id. pers., photography, c.m., c.h., renew, card, valley university, tutor: mario vallejos, pending, to the collector, t. pvc, attention, private circulation, private staircase, meeting room, b – m, b – h, research division, registry division, diprove research, research laboratory, cmdte. oper. ord sec., cmdte. brig prot. flia., private circulation, circulation, diprove, cmdte. sec. physical priv., dept. intel.- interpol, secret., denunciation, secret. gnral., radio operator, head real inv., courier, rel. public, departmental police command, treasurer, rec. p.t.j., rec. Rua, rec. transit, work social, legal adviser, rec. id. pers., general assistantship, disciplinary tribunal, div. planning, div. operations, div. statistics, radio cm., j. Dept. administrative, j. Dept. plan. oper., chief dept. personal, direct audit rec., sub-command dep. police, identification, cell men, cell women, interrogation, parking, division investigation, division diprove, secretary general, vest. h., vest. m., fridge, pantry, kitchen, bathroom m., bathroom h., entrance, service patio, gym, bedroom, showers, hairdresser, tailor, lockers, general deposit, b. women’s health, b. sanitary men, circulation, police on duty – patrol on foot, direction, audiovisual room, deposit, boss u. firemen, living room, bathroom, kitchen, dressing room, exit – emergency, personal identification, public circulation, public stairs, female – male cells, cleaning deposit, battery s. women, battery s. men, total, courtyard of honor, private parking, main entrance, pediments, private parking, entrance parking – patrols, entrance parking – private, av. jaime mendoza, income unit-firefighters, section a-a ‘, departmental command of chuquisaca, departmental disciplinary court, president, vocal, titular members, auditor, secretary, ofic. diligence, sub-cmdo. deptal. headquarters of staff, dept. personal, dept. intelligence, dept. planning, dept. administrative, identif. person. div. mov pers., div. kardex, div. eval. func., interpol, inv. intelg., div. record, div. investi., div. planeami., div. operation, div. maintenance., div. supply., div. presup., photographer, filiador, strio. id. pers., commission, ident. perso., chief diprove, inv. diprove, stria. direc., seg., physics, secretary, command, stria. address, stria. ord sec., org. operati., ofic. patrol, office plant, brig. protec family, bat. sec. fis. private, fisc. collection, unit op. of order and sec., cacino, classrooms, audiovisual classroom, foundation plane, cooking, roasting, pans, work table, bain-marie with warming cupboard, frying pans, double fryer, roasting pan, hot air oven with table, washing , prepared, pantry, capacity, capacity – kitchen, internal theoretical instruction of retraining, police procedures, course – morning and afternoon, ground floor, first floor, basement, punish police infractions cases that are not considered crimes., id. personal, row, e. value, exit, statement making, attention – taking of data and objects, waiting area, interrogation, b. health, mode of care, complaint – victims come personally, bpf – reflects the family, if it does not work they are referred to the integrated legal service, lawyer, psychologist., interpol – diprove, boss, two group leaders., two drivers, staff support – patrols., research on projectiles, fingerprints, bladed weapons, firearms and graphological study .., laboratory, bpf, support staff – patrol – ptj – special force to fight drug trafficking felts, dptos. independent, invest diprove – b.p.f., environments for taking complaints., tribunal diciplinario, process, judge, cover, dimensioned plans, tables of surfaces, deptos. heads and directors, secretaries, research laboratory, private bathroom women, private bathroom men, invest diprove, invest intelligence, departmental command, sub-command, deputies heads and directors, dept. collection, secretary gnrl., private bathroom command, apartment. support, jjoo hairdresser, women showers, men showers, stairs, deposit s. audiov., audiovisual room, private bathroom address, secretary – waiting room, address, unit head, kitchenette – stairs, bathroom – fire brigade, fire brigade, refrigeration – refrigerator, walk-in closet

Raw text data extracted from CAD file:

Language Spanish
Drawing Type Detail
Additional Screenshots
File Type dwg
Materials Other
Measurement Units Metric
Footprint Area
Building Features Garden / Park, Deck / Patio, Parking
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