Pipe Bridge DWG Block for AutoCAD

Bridge reinforcement pipe

Drawing labels, details, and other text information extracted from the CAD file (Translated from Spanish):

Construction industry, Of poas s.a, Group incopoas, sheet, content, scale, date, draft, owner:, province, canton, district, Public record information, Cadastre number:, Sita, drawing:, Reg. No, firm:, Reg. No, Professional responsible inspection: name:, Professional responsible technical direction name:, Professional responsible structural design name:, Professional responsible electrical design name:, Professional responsible mechanical design name:, Professional responsible design name:, area:, firm:, Ing. Henry alfaro rojas, Ing. Frame ant. Alfaro Alfaro, folio, I take, owner:, Viewnumber, Sheetnumber, Tagnumber, scale, scale, scale, scale, scale, tube of, Angular, Pvc tube, Planned pvc pipe install in the future, Pvc tube, To replace asbestos pipe with pvc sdr, Repair union, concrete base, Concrete base tube structure, concrete base, Tube structure, Repair union, Pvc tube, Planned pipe installation in the future, Platinum, Synthetic belt type wide band, Tube structure, Approximate line of land, Repair union, Plan view of structure for pipe reinforcement, scale, Longitudinal view of structure for pipe reinforcement, scale, ground, Planned installation pipe, Platinum, Synthetic belt type wide band, Pvc tube, Concrete data of, Compacted ballast bed, Angular, section, scale, angular, tube of, Tpc fillet welding, Substitution of soil by composting if necessary, Hoops, A.d., Plate detail, scale, Tpc fillet welding, tube of, Welding detail, scale, Steel plate, seals, Permit number, Detail in isometrico of metal structure, scale, For pipe reinforcement, Repair union, Future installation pvc pipe, tube of, Platinum, Synthetic belt type wide band, Metal tube structure, Angular, concrete base, Tube structure, Cement ballast, Concrete data, detail, scale, Fixing bolt, Platinum, Synthetic belt type wide band, Pvc tube, structure of, Bottom view, scale, Angular, Future installation pvc pipe, Pvc tube, angular, Metal tube structure, Synthetic belt type wide band, Platinum, Fixing bolts, Platinum, Angular detail, scale, concrete base, Pvc tube, folio, I take

Raw text data extracted from CAD file:

Language Spanish
Drawing Type Block
Additional Screenshots
File Type dwg
Materials Concrete, Steel
Measurement Units
Footprint Area
Building Features
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