Electrical Circuit Project DWG Full Project for AutoCAD

Electrical Circuit

Drawing labels, details, and other text information extracted from the CAD file (Translated from Malay):

lamps, description, lamps, pendaflour, lamps, tungsten, glob, fan, exhaust fan, remote control, cooker, flow socket, general out, tungsten lamps, Wall, air conditioner, cold, control unit, tool, main, fan, switch, room, bath, toilet, kitchen, main room, dining area, room, toilet, room, living room, go in, practical, subject code: dms, date:, Name: a.sobirin a.shaharuddin, dining area, kitchen, bathroom, symbol, description, Wall, windows, tank, water meters, pipe connection, up, space, reading, space, guest, anjung, bathroom, kitchen, Hall, bedroom, dining area, fluorescent lamps, ceiling fans, switch, outlet socket, pendarffluor light, control unit, water heater points, distribution fuse board, glob light, cooker, candeliar lamp, fan alias, round, description, Wall lamp, legend:, symbol, description, stairs, door, windows, up, description, symbol, pole, symbol, description, dry cell, capacitor, resistor, switch, speaker, name, set, set, spk, electronic metronome, symbol, description, supply source, diode, speaker, adjustable resistor, switch, variable resistor, loader, earth, resistor, exhaust fan, fan, alattator, switch, control unit, air conditioner, tung lights, groove socket, control unit, exhaust fan, ceiling fans, glob, tungsten lamps, fluorescent lamp, description, symbol, main, cold, ten walls, out, quantity, cooker, legend

Raw text data extracted from CAD file:

Language N/A
Drawing Type Full Project
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File Type dwg
Measurement Units
Footprint Area
Building Features
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