Electrical Installation DWG Block for AutoCAD

electrical installation in training room; plant and isometric cuts;

Drawing labels, details, and other text information extracted from the CAD file (Translated from Spanish):

status:, identification card, conduit pipe, window, reticular ceiling, conduit pipe, reticular ceiling, ceiling lamp, emergency exit, training room, screen, training room unilever talisman total remodeling area, symbology elements on wall, item, quantity, description, consumption, Subtotal, led luminaire., cold light LED strip light, existing lamp in hallway., thermostat, damper, horns, total, t. conduit, fsla supply in recessed luminaires., conduit, series type, t. conduit, led strip light cold, fs as long as led strip, driver area, cables, caliber, diameter:, galvanized metal conduit, Wiring Diagram, key, condensed information for interpretation on site., awg., fsla, flexible, window, reticular ceiling, table top, reticular ceiling, built-in luminaire, oval, fsla supply led strip., ll oval, asparagus, conduit pipe, pear-type stand., emergency exit, screen, LED strip, conduit pipe, asparagus, ll wavy, built-in luminaire, pear-type stand., existing luminaire., LED strip, conduit, screen., lr wavy, ll oval, ll wavy, oval, wavy type, flexible, asparagus, pear-type stand., LED strip, conduit, oval series type, oval series, unscaled, square box type fsc, fsc box, unscaled, thick wall, oval series type, of condulet ll lr oval series, unscaled, thick wall conduit, fsc box, ll oval, fs box, existing luminaire., note: circuit breaker is to keep the pickup, of in product warehouse, control of switches., I gave up., fsla led strip supply., fsla supply recessed luminaires., ll wavy, ll oval, oval, thick wall conduit, fsc, thick wall, fsla power led strip., fsla power built-in lamps., oval, contact switch board., contact fsc, ll oval., lr oval., contact fs, conduit, touch screen detail.

Raw text data extracted from CAD file:

Language Spanish
Drawing Type Block
Additional Screenshots
File Type dwg
Measurement Units
Footprint Area
Building Features Car Parking Lot
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