Blocks Electricity DWG Block for AutoCAD

Several blocks Isometric drawings electrical systems.

Drawing labels, details, and other text information extracted from the CAD file (Translated from Spanish):

north, Liquid temperature, high, Liquid level, low, license plate, data, Kva, closed, open, Hey qod, Elevation view ms meter, Hey qod, detail, detail, detail, Sat, Saf, Satf, Stf, Leaves, Sate, Ste, Kva phase, Mur, Med, Kva, to. to., F.c., detail, cut, N.p.t., detail, cut, Specifications product catalog transitions, Of underground systems, Plant serv.gnrls., High water table, cut, Polished cement finish, Finished floor, The armed, From cm armex, Poliducto de to install ground wire note, The armed, Cap ring, Liquid temperature, high, Level of, liquid, low, license plate, data, closed, open, Tray cm, Aerial view of trafo kva mca prolec, north, View frenter closed kva mca prolec, Open front view of trafo kva mca prolec, Ground electrode, View meter plant ms, Elevation view ms meter, Aerial view of trafo kva mca prolec, Tray cm, transfer, Elevation view section derived from ezm measurement, Hey qod, Elevation view derived section of measurement ezm, Section view of measurement concentration, future, Transformer pedestal, Fuse current limiter with hammer for installation in a rupto fuse, Areva cabinet with section section for rupto fuse, Weldable connection, kind, Copper wire, Bare lime, Earth rod, Coppeweld type, Weldable connection, kind, detail, Copper wire, Bare lime, Weldable connection, kind, detail, Copper wire, Bare lime, Weldable connection, kind, detail, Copper wire, Bare lime, Mechanical connector, kind, Earth rod, Copperweld type, Of mts., of length, Albanal tube, diameter, of length, Concrete cover, armed, detail, Expansion pack, With screw, Sole of faith, Support insulator, Of ohms, Bronze screw, copper bar, Unregistered channel, Drowned in concrete, slab, Channel mca. Clevis mod., Mca clamp. Clevis mod. for, Threaded rod of long. With nut pulleys, Expansion pack mca. Hilti, Multiple support detail, Support detail, slab, Mts, Anchor, Photocell, Anchor, Support detail, Steel plate cms, Apparent thick wall, Galvanized iron pipe, Reflector mca. Ilinase, rooftop, Conduit, With quartz iodine lamp, Reflector mca. Ilinase, Support detail, Pigeon, Board of, transfer, Tvss, Phase s, Neutral neutral, Return neutral, Return s, naked, Detail of laying of tray conductors, Aerial view of trafo kva, Front view closed kva, Concentration of meters similar schneider iusa brands., Kva, Underground three-phase submersible transformer, Mounting with separate rail a rotating mounting foot to simplify the assembly process, Aerial view of, transformer, pedestal, Front view, closed, transformer, pedestal, Open front view, Of transformer, pedestal, Liquid temperature, high, Level of, liquid, low, license plate, data, Kva, closed, open, total, Cabinet, Cabinet, Ring type, Connectors type elbow kv., Multiple type mt outputs a., rule, Dimensions in mm, Pad cushion bench padc for medium tension under creek, To use wells of visit in average tension., stream, Notes: filling material compacted filling material compacted duct of high density polyethylene mm of orange red color. Floor compacted in normal terrain the pipeline will settle directly in the bottom of the on rocky ground will be compacted using a layer of ground sand of cm to standardize the bottom that does not contain boleo greater warning signaling tape mm with the legend ” do not excavate. high-voltage network”. Plastic strap with metal buckle placed each of the duct bank. Restore the existing floor leaving it equal to that found on site. Position of the duct of high density polyethylene mm of red for installations of if there is agreement for its use. In case the pipeline bank combines average low average voltage would be located in the lower levels of the pipeline bank. The records used will be independent., Multiple type mt outputs a., Detail of outlet ducts of dome of internal walls of the building., Finished shape: circular cap of polymeric material of diameter with non-slip bending with two round iron handles with frame of polymeric material with diameter of must have ribs to achieve mechanical resistance to heavy traffic. Specification: accessory hardware. Cfe cover polymer frame material for stream. Use application: coupled to the hoop covers the access of the wells registers located on the sidewalk. Will be used in cases of high vandalism rates in areas of high pollution. Packaging Storage: Protect against moisture impact. Tests: mechanical., Main section

Raw text data extracted from CAD file:

Language Spanish
Drawing Type Block
Additional Screenshots
File Type dwg
Materials Concrete, Plastic, Steel
Measurement Units
Footprint Area
Building Features Car Parking Lot
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