Sanitary Installation DWG Full Project for AutoCAD

Floor Plans house project health social interest rate include isometric parts

Drawing labels, details, and other text information extracted from the CAD file (Translated from Spanish):

Morelos, State highway emiliano zapata zacatepec, hydraulic system, Km. cabbage. Modest excuse Emiliano Zapata., key:, flat:, Location:, Develops:, Option paquimé s.a. Of c.v., Joint of mm., Step in records, external diameter, inside diameter, angle of, manhole cover, Cover frame, angle of, Pvc pipe, Wall, drain, Pvc pipe, The inner face is slotted, Of the block to allow, The passage of the pipe, Wall tube mm, Outer tube diameter, The meeting as well as the, angle of, Electrosold mesh., Lid assembly, Sole of, Cut c ‘, detail, Drowned pipe, detail, Drowned pipe, Hidden in wall, parking lot, stay, dinning room, terrace, garden, goes up, stairs, niche, bath, bedroom, garden, kitchen, service yard, low, study, principal, bedroom, balcony, bath, empty, stairs, low level, top floor, Plastic bump, Pajama for w.c, Join proel, Multichip piping connections, Reduction of mmd, Other pzas., Elbows of duralon omega brand, Cespol for fleximatic washbasin of mm., Pvc pipe of mm.d, Elbow of mm.d, description, Tubes of p.v.c. Omega rex brand, key, Elbow of mm.d, Duralon omega single tee, Yee single brand duralon omega, Yee simples de mm.d, Elbow of mm.d, Base for discharge of toilet tube of p.v.c. Mm, Yee simples de mm.d, Insertion cap, Cover grid for, Under norm, Fleximatic, Indicated in the foot of plane., General notes:, Drain the house., Duralon omega., With rubber ring, Model diameter, Indoor logs, Tube of p.v.c. Mm. Of diameter with the slope for, P.v.c. connections, It is the contractor’s responsibility to give this plan a different use than, This installation will be hidden prefabricated pipe base, All dimensions are in meters except when another unit is indicated, P.v.c. With standard wall thickness, The cespol of the sink will be of the mm mark. diameter, P.v.c. connections Seran anger multicople brand with coupling spike bell, Must be of the brand: omega or ‘rex, Will be unacceptable the use of p.v.c. Light cemented, The of the mark of the mark, The cespol of the washbasin will be of the mark, do not. For the whole installation is, The rubber ring in a short time., Omega rex., Symbology, One should not use automotive grease other product as it degrades, Brands suppliers authorized by the corporate:, The lubricant to be used for the connections will be of the brand, Pvc sanitary pipe., Indicates the diameter of the pipe in mm., Indicates the relationship with the quantification table., universal., drawing:, Paquimé s.a., Dimensions:, in meters, May, date:, scale, Mm.d simple tee, sheet, lime., Jaladera for, manhole cover, plant, registry, registry, plant, Cut c ‘, bath, B.a., W.c., sink, watering can, sink, sink, W.c., Isometric, laundry

Raw text data extracted from CAD file:

Language Spanish
Drawing Type Full Project
Additional Screenshots
File Type dwg
Materials Plastic, Other
Measurement Units
Footprint Area
Building Features Deck / Patio, Car Parking Lot, Garden / Park
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