Imhoff Tank; Grid; Drying Bed; DWG Block for AutoCAD

Biological filter system designs complete sanitation; for drainage systems such as Imhoff tank; metal grille; drying bed; biological filter; etc)

Drawing labels, details, and other text information extracted from the CAD file (Translated from Spanish):

splash, concrete crosshead, polished cement, rubbed with, entrance, steel detail, see detail steel, grid chamber, bypass channel, mud reunion box, imhoff tank, energy dissipating pool, general plan, water level , cut aa, scale, landfill, plant, cement, portland type i in general, coating for surfaces in contact with water: in both layers additive is used inpermeabilizante, national regulations of buildings, norm of floors and foundations, specifications of the manufacturer , norms used, load standard, seismic resistant norm, reinforced concrete standard, coatings, steel, solid slabs, beams and columns, walls, technical specifications, concrete, bb cutting, metal bracket type lifting, welding, clamp type metal bracket, det. Valve box, overlap, overlap box, det. typical reinforcement in pipe pass, emptying board, det. of construction board, overlap detail, mud level, indicated, responsible professional :, drawing :, plan:, project :, location :, scale :, date :, design :, region:, province :, district :, clamp , admissible ground pressure, valves, fittings, pipe, stainless steel bolts, anchoring, pvc to valve transition, coarse gravel, fine gravel, sand, mud, beam, central channel, clay, splash, concrete support, galvanized calamine, ridge, det. of tijeral, det. splash plant, pipe support, det. central channel, det. beam, side wall, central wall, cut a-a, b-b cut, biological filter, distribution channel, see entry detail, reuse effluent to the ditch, triangular landfills, rectangular weir. treated wood, main distribution channel, comes from the imhoff tank, wood dumps, triangles, nitt., nsfb., distribution ducts, inspection cover, cat ladder, reuse effluent to the irrigation channel, biological filter – plant, plant: admission detail, cnifb., comes from the imhoff tank, grid chamber, by – pass, by – pass, exit, grills, entrance, chamber, flooring, posing, step, stage, guides, minimum level , maximum level, sutton dump, control gates, ntn, die, by-pass, beam, support, control gate, sutton, dump, nt, support beam, upvc pipe, suttón dump, control gate, by pass , metal grid

Raw text data extracted from CAD file:

Language Spanish
Drawing Type Block
Additional Screenshots
File Type dwg
Materials Concrete, Steel, Wood, Other
Measurement Units Metric
Footprint Area
Building Features Pool
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